Market Research, Risk Assessment &
Competitive Intelligence

Market Research

Expand into Africa provides assistance in gathering the necessary and often hard-to-find tactical research relating to a given African context or market. This real-time, “on-the-ground” information will help determine the feasibility of your specific capital venture as it relates to pricing, promotion, and place offering for the specific product or service you wish to provide. Our market research includes market statistics, export opportunities, and international regulations of trade and export.

Risk Assessment

Expand into Africa helps to identify the risks for a company desiring to enter any given market in the African context. Our basic assessment will identify common and known risks inherent in any business venture, and our team will also identify hidden risks in relation to the specific African country to which your company seeks entry.  Our assessments are honest, direct, and based on real-time information.

Competitive Intelligence

Apart from Market Research and Risk Assessment, Expand into Africa’s competitive intelligence is designed to help you convert information into usable “intelligence” that will make your organization more competitive across the entire operating environment and assist you in making sound business decisions regarding the expansion of your company into African countries. We provide information on clients, competitors, distributors, technology, and other macro- and micro-economic factors to provide your business with the necessary information to make strategic decisions and maximise the best opportunity for success. At the same time, we conduct due diligence on potential business partners.